Jess’s world is constantly revolving around words. They command her professional life as a technical writer, have claimed the spare bedroom – sorry, library – and enchanted her mind with all the fantasy, sci–fi and romance novels that mysteriously appear in her purse or car.

Words are not the only things able to enthrall her  – numbers, too. Dice rolls, character statistics, world building data, and JRPG debates over whether or not a certain sword looks cool enough to make up for the fact that it doesn’t give your character the +2 against undead buff.

Jess also loves to travel, especially to the ocean. Her words and numbers follow her in the form of discovered local myths, natural history, and her enduring fascination with maps, astral charts, and all things nautical. She recently visited the Isle of Skye where she evaded capture by fairies but may or may not have had a dalliance with a selkie.