Mapmaking for Writers

Posted October 27, 2018 by Jessica Powell in Writing / 0 Comments

A map of the world of Soltyr.

I love maps in books — especially if it’s a fantasy book. And as a writer, having a map is an essential part of my worldbuilding process. It helps me to plan out accurate travel time and distance, and determine the way of life for my characters. A sea-faring society operates very differently from a land-locked, rural one.

If you’re not an artist, you can still easily create your own map, too! For my latest SUNSEEKERS project, I used Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator. This is a great tool with a lot of options: for example, you can choose to display trade routes, rivers, country borders, ect. It also generates city and country names, or you can edit them and enter your own.

Using this generator plus my editing skills in Photoshop, I made my first map of the world of Soltyr! When I randomly generated two land masses with continents that looked like they’d been abruptly torn apart in the middle, it inspired the idea that the world’s two wolf gods, Agnaris and Hayal, used their mighty claws and teeth to rend them apart during the formation of Soltyr.

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